Afternoon Walk

With the soaring price of gas and a growing desire to live a more simplified life it would seem only natural that I would be driving the car around on beautiful sunny days only when absolutely necessary. Well, I should be, but thanks to a stroller/trailer that only holds two kids and horrible bicycle skills I have continued to drive despite all of my best intentions. Today, however, I turned over a new leaf. With my 2 and 4 year old in the stroller and my little one tucked into my wonderful wrap we started off on our first no driving errand. We walked 1 mile to pick up our CSA share from the chiropractic clinic that serves as our pick-up point. Two blocks in I seriously contemplated turning around and just taking the car. But after a few minutes the monkeys in front settled in to an animated conversation about bicycles and sidewalk chalk and then engaged in a game of growling at each car we passed. As long as they were content I didn't really mind. And the shrieks of laughter that followed each time were well worth the annoying snarls that I had to endure. The baby cried the majority of the trip, it seems that the well planned out black wrap purchase that I loved last winter wasn't exactly the best for the hot days of summer. Once she realized that she wasn't going to be able to pull her sweaty sticky body away from me she gave up and was content to lay her head against me and take a little snooze.
A few lessons learned: 1. sandals are probably not the best option for walking two miles while pushing a jumbo stroller and carrying a twenty pounder; 2. water would have been helpful for small children sitting in the heat; and 3. sunscreen during the peak sun of the day would probably have been smart (sorry kids). Despite all that I am so glad we did it. I realized how easy it is to throw everyone in the stroller and just get outside and enjoy the day. I was amazed at how many places fell within the 1 mile distance from our house and even more amazed at how I noticed them more when walking as opposed to driving. I was encouraged by the realization that the grocery store is really only two blocks further than today's trip and I'm sure that an early morning, cooler weather, calmer kiddo excursion there would be even better. For now I'm going to enjoy the coolness of being inside the house, go put away all the beautiful produce we picked up on our adventure, and look forward to many more Tuesday afternoon walks to come.


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Thanks for giving me your blog address! :) I love it!

So, you like the Moby Wrap? I just borrowed one yesterday to try out this weekend. Gen's outgrowing the sling (well, hopefully it's not me!), so we're looking for another option.

We're hoping for something that Calvin & I can share, since we each have our own carriers right now. The Moby seemed like a good idea. I tried it once yesterday, and Gen thought it was hilarious! If it works out, I want to try and make one. (It can't be that hard, can it?) :)


Emily* said...

I absolutely love it and I'm sure you could easily make it!