Bicycles and Boxers

My son has moved up in the world from a teeny little tricycle (that was actually so small he could barely ride it) to a big boy bicycle with training wheels and all. For the past week all I've heard is "Can I go outside and ride my bike?". While it does get a little annoying, it is also so much fun to see his excitement and determination in getting the hang of this bicycle thing. He rides up and down the street, never going past the stop sign onto the actual road and being very careful to listen to me (gasp) in fear that I will make him come inside. He wants to ride his bike everywhere we go. The playground, the mailbox, to take out the garbage at the end of the driveway, he even wants us to ride to the faraway places since that's what daddy does. While that is obviously not possible yet, he has been a good little reminder to me that I really should seek out alternatives to driving every time I want to go somewhere. The girls and I sat on the sidewalk the other morning watching him go up and down the street with a crazy big grin on his face. They giggled every time he passed and attempted to wave and steer at the same time and the dog even joined him for a few trips, staying right by his side like a blue heeler should! He's gearing up for his first triathlon with dad and making sure that I let him get outside for lots of practice.

Moving on to a big kid bicycle is a hard enough change for a mom, but now pair it with a four year old's decision on our purchase of new undies to go with the boxer briefs. I never imagined there would be a transition such as this, but I have to say it was an odd experience. When he moved from diapers to big boy underwear I had no moment of sadness that my baby boy was growing up, I was just glad to have one less bottom to change (his sister was about 6 months old when he was done with diapers). But as he ran around the house in his new little boxer shorts I couldn't believe how much he seemed to no longer be my baby, my toddler, my preschooler. In so many ways he had become a little boy. A wild little boy full of energy, excitement, wonder, a little selfishness and apparently "normal" little boy violence, but still he is quite a little boy. Why a pair of boxer shorts has caused me to have this reflective thought, I have no idea.

Take note What to Expect books sure don't tell you about all the seemingly insignificant things that will feel like huge milestones to you, nor do they tell you about all the small things that you will miss. Cherish the days of little Thomas undies and squeaky wheeled tricycles.


Emily* said...

If anyone can tell me how to edit pictures in blogger I'd appreciate it. I just need to rotate them. I tried editing and then blogging from Picasa but it didn't work.

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Sorry, I'm no help.
I have to edit mine in iPhoto before I can post them.
Picasa drives me batty. :)

But if I turn sideways, your photos are really cute! :)