Alidia is clapping....yeah!! Apparently she has been doing it for a week or so, but I didn't realize this or witness it until yesterday. We were sitting at the table eating lunch and Aviana was singing songs from Vacation Bible School and Alidia was watching her and started clapping along. I jumped up, grabbed the camera and was so excited... until Jeremy mentioned that he'd already seen her do that. Totally rained on my parade, but whatever.

I have been anxiously waiting and encouraging her to learn to clap. It is somehow one of those little milestones (along with waving bye-bye) that for some reason I feel are so important or that they are some indication of her intelligence or my success as a mother. I have been so sure that she is behind because she wasn't clapping. Add that to her being petite (but still healthily chunky) and I was constantly irritated by people thinking she was younger than she is.

The really amusing part is that now I feel a little sad that she is clapping. One more milestone conquered reminds me that my baby is getting so big and changing so much. In a flash the days of roly-poly crawling legs, cooing, babbling and falling asleep in my arms will be only sweet memories.

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Happy To Be At Home said...

What a little cutie! I just love clapping babies. I think it is one of my favorite milestones the first year - just seeing the recognition on their face that they can join along and make that noise all by themselves. Such fun!

We are so excited to have you join us in the Conquer the Clutter challenge. We'll look forward to following along with you.