Cream Conspiracy

After lots of debate and research on the issue of milk we have decided to try some low-pasteurized, non-homoginized organic whole milk from a dairy in northern California that we can buy at New Season's. It comes in glass bottles with the yummy cream floating on the top. I'd like to try whipping up some butter with the cream, but since this was our first container of it we decided to just enjoy it as it is. As I opened it up I showed the cream to the kids and let them try a little off the top, "It's kind of like whip cream" they commented. Then I shook it up and poured them each a glass. "I LLLOOVVEE this" Aviana exaggerated and then proceeded to try and share some with her sister. I reached to stop her as the baby reached to grab the cup and as the $4 per half gallon milk spilled to the floor I thought that sometimes maybe it is ok to cry over spilled milk.....

With the mess cleaned up and breakfast coming to an end, Cole looked into the bottom of his glass and yelled "Yuck, what are those things in my milk?" I told him that it was just the cream which had broken up and was floating in his milk. I said it was yummy and he should just drink it. We got into a conversation about all the things you can make with the cream if you take it out. He drank the rest of his glass and had a sudden realization that the old milk we bought in plastic jugs didn't have cream in it and he was outraged. His response:
"When I am bigger and have my own grocery store I am going to put these cream things in everybody's milk. Some people might not know what they are and they might take them out, but I'll keep putting them in there at my grocery store, because they are so good and they should be in the milk."

At least my on the edge-crazy-hippie ideas aren't totally traumatizing my children, they are just turning them into on the edge-crazy-hippie children.

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Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Hehe! :) I love it! :) I'll be placing a milk order with Marianne tomorrow. Let me know if you want some too.

Gen spilled (on purpose!) half of her cup of milk over the side of the high chair onto the rug a few nights ago at dinner time. Oh, what a sad puddle! (If she spills it onto her high chair tray, I've figured out how to pour it back into the cup!) :)