I've recently realized that going to IKEA does not have to be a five hour death march complete with lunch in the restaurant, dinner at the snack bar and $500 worth of merchandise being shoved into the back of a tiny car. I live close enough that it can easily be a quick afternoon outing (although we do have to have a snack!) with no purchase or maybe just one or two things! It's a beautiful thing, but also quite dangerous. I face, as many other people I know also do, a horrible lust for all things IKEA. I am perfectly content with my disheveled and randomly furnished home until I walk in to IKEA. Then I am consumed with the NEED for a complete and total home makeover. I'm trying to reign my desires in, but I keep finding myself at IKEA longing for a new couch. If I would just stop going there or take the catalog off of my nightstand I could probably get over it. It's a very bad thing, but I did score some very cute pillow covers that fit my couch throw pillows perfectly for $1 each in the As-Is section (the best section of the store I might add!).

I think they will help me to be more content with my couch for now. Although now all I can see are matching curtains and a better rug and some pictures for the walls and some cute little coordinating storage baskets.......I think I need help.

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Michelle said...

Ooooh...... Ikea......... as-is ............. jealousy.