A bag for all

I decided to make a little purse for the baby for Valentine's day. She can't get enough of toting mine around, so I decided she needed one of her own to load and unload to her hearts desire.

I even thought I'd be adventurous and add a zipper, which was really just a good excuse to practice with zippers so that I could finish the pillows my sister asked me to make her about a year ago...... sad, but true.

Anyway, by the time I'd finished the cute little bag my three year old had fallen in love with it, the baby couldn't quite work the zipper and the five year old informed me that the bag was way too big for the baby. So by default the owner of this little bag is the three year old.

My next attempt proved more productive and appropriately sized for the baby. Just two scraps of upholstery sample fabric, two pieces of ribbon and a little bag just the perfect size for her to sling over her arm and easy to tuck things into.

Now by this point I'm usually done with one type of project and ready to move on to something new, but my five year old stared at me with a face that said "Where's my bag, mom?" I did take a few days to work on other projects and late last night creative inspiration hit and I was able to transform a big burlap bag into a messenger style bag, just the perfect size for his notebooks. Ah.....so fun when things turn out somewhat how you envisioned them!


wendy said...

You have come a long way in a short time....those bags look fantastic! I am seriously impressed with you! I have to admit, my favorite is C's man-bag. It's pretty awesome.

JOY C said...

I love the burlap bag! You are pretty awesome for sure!