....to a new blog address. I had originally intended for this blog to be a place to write about our family and all of the changing, growing and learning we are doing. I wanted to share about how we have been slowly moving towards more sustainable and simple ways of living. I intended to share about our journey into the world of homeschooling. I intended to write about our switch to being vegetarians and our desire to eat local, whole foods as much as possible. The list of ideas I had for this blog goes on and on, but alas none of these things are ever talked about here because they require too much time and energy for me to write coherent thoughts about. Plus it's much more fun to just write about me and my own ideas.

So, the new blog address will be http://industriouslyemily.blogspot.com/

There's nothing posted there yet, but I'll probably start today. Notice the new title is all about me.... In a week or so I'll transfer the contents of this blog over to that one and then this one will be gone. So put the new one in your google reader all you faithful blog followers.... ha ha, I mean you three people who actually look at this blog! :)

And not to worry, none of the other blogs that we manage around here will be disappearing so if you forget to write down the new address I'm sure you'll find me somehow!

Kids Blog
Cole's Blog
Recipe Blog
Jeremy's Blog
Running Blog


JOY C said...

Oh you better know I am one of those 3 blog followers! Love it!

JOY C said...

Oh and here's that blog with the recipe for vegan corn beef and cabbage. I would just use tempeh instead of the other meat substitute she uses. Her new irish stew recipe today looks good!