Embroidered Dolls 1 & 2

I found the cutest pattern for a simple embroidered doll here. For the first doll (the horribly drooled on curly haired doll to the left) I stuck to the pattern. For the second I decided to add hair that more resembled the hair of the dollies owner-pigtails! The dolls currently in progress have a few more changes here and there which I'll post when they are finished.

I took everyone to the fabric story and let them pick out whichever (super cheap) flannel they wanted for the back and stuffed them with stuffing and dried lavender.

The perfect bedtime scent.


wendy said...

Super cute! Here's an idea: when sketching the design, sketch it on the back of the fabric! I don't know why that didn't occur to me before; maybe that's what you do.

btw, I love what you've done to your blog!

Emily* said...

That is a good idea. The one I'm working on now I drew in pencil, so I'm hoping that will fix my problems.