Old Jeans

You know that pile of old jeans sitting at the top of your closet? Come on, you know what pile I'm talking about......

There's that pair you bought that first semester at college when you gained ten pounds from all that free dorm food and you couldn't fit into anything else.
Then there's the pair you bought that first semester at college because they looked hot on the Abercrombie model and not so hot on you when you got them back to your dorm room.
There's the Wranglers you bought to wear to the rodeo....which you wore every Saturday night all summer long and then realized you really didn't want to date a cowboy.
There's the jeans you loved wearing when you were first pregnant and didn't have the tummy to hold up maternity jeans, but you were too big for your regular jeans. Then there's the worn out maternity jeans.
There's the jeans you hated wearing post-pregnancy because you longed for your regular jeans.
There's the twenty pairs of jeans covered in stains with holes in the knees from crawling around after little ones.....that you keep saying you are going to patch....but you're really not.
Of course there's also all those jeans you bought because they were super trendy and cool at the time and now the cut on them is just super lame.

OK, well maybe you're not as bad as me. But I am happy to say that I have found something cool to do with all these jeans and I'm starting today......I'll keep you posted...

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