New Hobby

It will be a sad day on the day that GI Joe's closes its doors. If you didn't grow up in the Northwest you might not think much of the store going out of business, but if you grew up spending a lot of time wandering those aisles with your dad in preparation for the big fishing trip or getting parts to fix your bike or buying new running shoes....well then you'll be sad, just like me. My son will be pretty sad too. We've pretty much always lived near one of their stores and it has always been a fun place to go and wander when we had nothing to do and the kids all love it.

All that being said, we have to admit that we are taking advantage of the sales they are having these days. And we just happened to be in the store the morning that they put their rental equipment up for sale. Next winter you can expect to find us x-country skiing whenever possible. If this won't get Jeremy to give up refereeing every Saturday, I don't know what will....

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DK said...

GI Joe's isn't closing their doors, that's the thing. They had it coming when they went and changed the name. :P

x-country skiing is a blast!