Nursing Cover

I sure love these things. I'm jealous that I didn't know about them until halfway through nursing my last baby, but that just makes me more determined that no new momma friend of mine does without one. They are incredibly simple to make too, so there is really no reason to pay the high price that is demanded for them on etsy and other such places. (Maybe they have come down in price with their popularity, I don't really know. All I know is that when I discovered them, had an 8 month old, and didn't know how to sew yet they seemed ridiculously expensive to me.)

I love being able to add your own finishing touches. Like a pocket on one bottom corner, with a little velcro closure.

And a terry cloth patch in the other corner to wipe away little spitty mouths.

Of course the boning top is the most ingenious element to the whole nursing cover design....Love it!

Anyway, super easy. I feel so accomplished when I make something that turns out so cute and is actually a functional item. Not to mention adorable fabric, I really need to be more willing to pay money for decent fabric, it makes such a difference in the outcome of projects, don't ya think??

Oh yeah, and a little matching quilted note card to finish off the gift!

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