Camera Strap Cover

I often drool over all the fun camera straps on Etsy. They are so cute and unecessary that I feel I must have one. However, they are also expensive and as I mentioned, unecessary. It also doesn't help that my husband would probably be less than thrilled to be using a camera with a highly decorative strap. Even if I went with something contemporary and non-feminine I'm just not sure what he would think about that.

Enter the camera strap cover. The downside is that you have to unhook one side of the strap to get it on and off which is kind of inconvenient. The plus side is that it was cheap and easy to make myself. Actually it was free, because I found everything I used in my scrap pile. And if we're going somewhere and my husband really doesn't want to be seen using such a bright and fun camera strap he can just slip it off. It's also a nice bright way of finding where I've left the camera in the pile of electronics that tends to amass on our desk.

***Now I just need to learn to take better pictures.***

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DK said...

Did I ever tell you about the Foster Indy Mart!?!? You should totally sell stuff like this there!


I think it is right in your neighborhood too! It's a really cool community. At least check it out. Worst case, you might come across some great ideas of stuff to make. :P