Meatless Supper Club Meal #8: Vegetarian Web Sites

This last week we've been experiencing the joys of illness around our house. At any given point there has been at least one person crashed on the couch surrounded by books, blankets, and emitting a quite pitiful sounding cough. There hasn't been a lot of cooking going on thanks to some generous friends who have provided us with meals and all the meals in between have been nothing too glamorous.... think macaroni and cheese......from a box.

I didn't want to pass this week up though with it being the final week of Enviromom's Meatless Supper Club. So I thought I'd share my two favorite vegetarian recipe websites, maybe these will be a new window for you to a whole new catalog of vegetarian dishes.

The first is vegweb. This is a huge collection of recipes, try 13,000+. The recipes are submitted by readers and there are usually tons of comments on each one with tips, suggestions, additions, and general changes that help you to make each recipe just perfect.
If you've got something specific in mind you can search the site by keyword or you can just browse by food category until you find a recipe you can't wait to try. This is a traditionally vegan website, but many of the recipes give options for both vegan and non-vegan preparation, although I've found many of the vegan recipes to be great for even my family of milk, cheese, butter, and egg lovers.

The second website is FatFree Vegan Kitchen. A friend directed me to this the website last year and I've loved every single thing I've ever tried from here. Some of the recipes are a little time consuming, but so far I've found them all to be worth every extra minute in the kitchen. Her directions are always clear and thorough and the recipes have all been flavorful and delicious.
Here is the search page for finding recipes on the site. My all-time favorites are this soup, this holiday favorite, and this late summer treat.

I hope these websites are as helpful to you as they have been to me and that you find some great recipes that you and your family will love. A big thanks to the gals over at Enviromom for joining us all together to share our favorite recipes these last eight weeks!

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