Valentine Coloring Books

Originally we had intended to make matchbox Valentine's similar to these cuties. But then somewhere along the line I recognized that would be a project that I would enjoy and the kids would pretty much just watch me do. I also realized I really didn't want to add more candy to the mix and sometimes parents aren't real excited about a little box full of stickers that their kids will then stick all over the furniture...oh wait, that's me.

Anyway, we changed plans and decided to make good use of an overabundance of our new crayons from a while back. So we made Valentine's coloring books!

I had them each draw a couple of pictures to represent Valentine's Day and we came up with a few little Valentine themed word games to add in. We taped them down just the way we wanted them on each side of the paper and then ran them through the copy machine.

Then we cut them in half, arranged the pages in just the right order and zizag stitched the cover to them right down the center.

Here's a little tour through our coloring book.....

One piece of advice. Don't leave a two year old unattended with the printer. She might try to "help" the papers come out a bit prematurely. Good thing there are plenty of little friends on our list who probably won't care about an imperfect Valentine.

Here they all are, ready to go on their way. Complete with a little bundle of fun crayons! Happy Valentine's Day Friends!!

And for all the grandma's and grandpa's who need a little Valentine love? I just copied the covers of our coloring book onto card stock (front and back) and paper-clipped a little picture of these smiling faces.......


Sarah said...

those are awesome!! shoot we're going to have to step things up a notch.

ET said...

I love reading your posts - your kids are really lucky to have you give them so many opportunities for creativity!

I need to talk to you about something being started regarding human-trafficking. I know you are involved in Scarlet Chord and have a heart for those affected by it. Check out our blog, and lets talk! http://adornedingrace.blogspot.com/

I think your crafty skills can go very well with the mission of Adorned in Grace. Email me! etrusov@gmail.com