For the last week we had the privilege of calling this home.

With a big front porch swing and a lake out the back window. With temperatures in the mid 70's. With grandparents, aunts, and uncles to entertain kiddos all week. I can't say there was much to complain about. Except maybe that the week passed too quickly and there was more delicious Southern food than is probably good for me.

We hit a few tourist hot spots.

Stone Mountain
was definitely a highlight ....

We visited Dahlonega where we panned for gold......

We went to the Cyclorama and stopped at a bunch of road side markers for the benefit of the budding historian in the family.

And we spent lots of time relaxing, visiting with our family and friends, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Plus we caught a baby turtle and I thought that was pretty cool.


wendy said...

We've been to Stone Mountain!! Definitely cool! What a cute little turtle! :D

Vanillabean said...

Sounds Awesome!