The other day I saw this and thought, Hey that looks kind of fun. I read on and saw that it was a completely daunting task and required much patience. One would think that would turn a person away. But no.

Instead I jumped right to it, casting aside all other plans for that moment intent on at least creating one letter. And I did.

And it wasn't so hard. It helps to think through a letter before starting to cut things, imagining how it will come together, maybe even drawing it out. Ya know planning......but where's the fun in that. It also helps to cut the right fabric for the right letter. The A up there, I cut into it thinking about F and then remembered it was the Fabric for A, so I improvised it back into a funny little A.

I was hooked, so I just kept on going until I was done. It was a real productive morning around here that day.

The good news is, I love it. The bad news.....I have no idea what to do with it. The idea started as a pillow for my sister, since the fabrics coordinate with her couch cushions, but then it just got obscenely large and awkwardly wide. (Maybe that's why people measure things before they start projects??) I suppose a 28" x 8" pillow could work, but I'm just not feeling it. Any suggestions?


Sarah said...

stretch it around canvas into a wall hanging. or but it at the bottom of a quilt.

Kate said...

I would love to have the pillow or a wall hanging!

Anonymous said...

runner for a table? or on a valance curtain?