I've been mulling over things to post about these last few days. I am overwhelmed by all the thoughts that I feel the desire to be sharing and underwhelmed by the photos I've taken as well as my ability to express myself coherently lately. So I decided to pass on posting for today until I stumbled upon this photo I took on our last minute trip to the beach before leaving Oregon. I love the simplicity of it.
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Sarah said...

blow it up and put it on your wall.

danc said...

I could tell you a few things about that seemingly still quiet picture.. You know a picture is worth a thousand words?... Anyway, I like the tranquil water and the way the boat is resting on the dock. How unusal to see a boat on the dock, NOT in the water. It makes me think of new different approaches to things. The peaceful water is beckoning for an entrance! The oars are in a resting position, but seemingly ready to go at a moments notice. Does this sound like your world lately?
Much Love and prayers!

Laura Mo said...

We miss you! A lot!