Out with the Camera

Last weekend, my lovely friend Wendy, who always has the most wonderful of ideas suggested that I get out of the house with my camera. That I share the fun,exciting, and mundane parts of our days and that through that maybe I'd start to appreciate this place a little bit more.

My camera has barely seen the light of day since we arrived here 1 month ago. The kids and I have been walking almost everywhere and lugging along a huge camera bag along with the library books and inevitably a child on my hip hasn't seemed like an ideal situation. So there the camera has sat....neglected in the corner.....only to be brought out for the occasional random toy that needs to be photographed.

Regardless...my motivation to capture moments, places, experiences, beauty, and the ordinary is renewed. Of course, since coming to this new idea I forgot my camera on three different insanely photo worthy occasions. Then when I finally remembered it and went to snap a picture I remembered that the battery was dead. Boo.

So....here on the left is a photo taken last fall when Jeremy first visited Salt Lake. The leaves aren't this colorful yet, but if you drive up into the canyons you can see drops of color beginning to appear and I am giddy with expectation for the waves of color that are soon to wash the hillsides with beauty.

I'm going to go and plug that battery in now and hopefully soon you will begin to see some snapshots of Salt Lake from my perspective. Whether you love it or hate it...well... you can take that up with Wendy.


wendy said...

tee-hee! YAY!! This just made my day :D I can't wait to see what you see! It sounds like you are already peering around with expectation and hope. Praise God!

Tibbslove said...

Emily! I can't wait to see your pics and maybe I too, will have more to appreciate about this great place.