And finally.....an update of sorts.

I found the cord that connects my camera to the computer and so finally I can get back to rambling about life and showing you pictures of all things great and new around here.

So for now a quick update on what we've been up to......

It's true, we bought a house! We love it! It's walkably close to the park, the library, the river, a trail and a rec center. And there is lots and lots of room for you to stay with us, so come visit anytime!!

We've been staying busy with the return of school work, house work, and general real life responsibilities that we enjoyed the break from during our move. The good thing is that after such a nice break we appreciate the washing machine, the never ending meals to cook, and schoolwork to be accomplished.
We're finding time for lots of fun things too. Feeding the ducks down the street, riding our bikes to the library and park, and swimming at the pool are a few regular favorites.
We found a great little pumpkin patch complete with a hay maze and enjoyed that on Jeremy's day off. (Columbus Day, one of the perks of working at a bank...who knew??)

We've done a little decorating for the fall. I'm sure the neighbors don't mind a little trimming off their beautiful bush, right?

We've enjoyed celebrating birthdays and building many new Lego creations.

We've daydreamed about the soon to come climbing wall in the garage by building models galore. Not as much "we" as it is Jeremy. But the kids are pretty pumped too.

And we've planted a variety of fruit trees all around the yard. A piece of advice, do your research before you buy. We had to make a second trip to the store for trees that would pollinate the trees we had purchased on the first trip. Oh, well. You can never have too many trees!

There's lot more to share, but that's enough for today. I need to get back to comforting 2 sick little girls.


Tibbslove said...

Emily. I am just so pleased about your home purchase and we can't wait to come over and check it out!

You guys are a HUGE blessing in our lives and it's nice to see goodness rewarded in wonderful ways.


danc said...

Glad to see you guys are really getting settled! Wonderful update! I'm glad you found the cord!:)Maybe we will find our way out there in the near future:) We will let you know if and when we can visit:) Wonderful job on the nightstand!!! You are soooo creative! Jeremy better watch out.
Love you guys SOOOOOOOO much!
Thanks for posting you rblog. Give everyone a big hug and kiss from Grandma Darlene!