So You Think You're Crafty

Well... I don't really think I'm that crafty, but making things sure is a nice alternative way of feeling productive without having to do dishes or laundry. So I decided to give myself an even better excuse for spending my time making fun stuff and entered a crafty competition of sorts. If you haven't already seen it.....

.....is pretty cool.

It takes bloggers from all over the place and brings them together for a fun and friendly little craft contest. Each week for 10 weeks everyone makes a craft on a set theme, anyone can vote for their favorite and each week the lowest score takes leave of the competition. The fun part for the voters is that the winning craft is posted as a tutorial the following week, so everyone ends up a winner with all sorts of great new ideas and projects to try!

I have no high hopes for this endeavor, but I thought it would at least be fun to try! Right now the audition projects are up for voting and the top 10 projects will make it into the competition round beginning right after Christmas. So......get on over and vote. The voting only goes through Friday.

And keep in mind the contest is supposed to be anonymous, so no sneak peeks about which project is mine, you just have to vote for the one you love best! Unless, of course, you're Sarah.

Wish me luck!!


Sarah said...


voted. yours is totally the best.

Deb said...

Well, I don't know which is yours (although I have a guess or two) but I did vote. What a fun contest! Make sure you reveal your projects later on the blog, k?

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

I voted! :) I'm hoping the one I voted for is yours... Now I really want to know. :) (I'm guessing!)


Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition said...

Congrats on making Season 6 - - I had tons of fun in Season 5. I'm your newest follower!