Artist's Journal - SYTYC Audition Entry

Ok, so hopefully this week I'll actually find the time (and motivation) to do things like check my e-mail and post on the blog. But in the meantime, here's the update on SYTYC. The artist's journal was mine.....did you guess right?? And I made it into the competition!! Yeah!! Except I have no idea what I'm going to do for my first project which is due in just 2 weeks! Oh well, it'll all come together.

The only goals I have for this endeavor are 1. to not spend any money. I have enough of a stash of crafty stuff that I want to force myself to create solely from that (except for where the theme demands otherwise.)
And 2. to make things that we actually want/need around the house so that I'm not left with weird projects that I don't even have a use for. That being said, we'll see how far I make it. :)

Remember the contest is supposed to be as anonymous as possible. I'll make sure and let you know each week when it's time to vote. But each week's theme will be a secret until the projects are posted. And of course if you're around my house and see any of my projects in the making or if you recognize fabrics from my stash (which, honestly,  probably would only apply to Sarah) don't say anything or comment about it! Thanks!

My artist's journal was a project I made back in the Spring when I was originally supposed to audition for Season 4. But then we moved so I asked to be put in Season 5. But then we were living in a tiny downtown apartment, so I asked to be bumped again. So by this point the project is a little old. It was actually a graduation gift for my sister-in-law Ruth (hence the "R").

I thought maybe the use of burlap would be a dead give away to some people, seeing as that is quite possibly my favorite crafty thing ever. Well, it's between burlap and felt..... But my little sister said it was my skirt that did it. Apparently I wear that skirt way too much. Anyway, thanks to those who voted and checked out the site. Stay tuned, it should be a fun competition!

 Every artist needs a way to take their projects on the go. And this little notebook is just the thing for the artist in your life. All folded up it keeps everything tucked away inside, a little toggle holds it together and a personalized monogram lets everyone know it's yours. Made of burlap and lined in duck cloth, it's sure to last through lots of every day wear and tear.

Open it up and everything has it's own place, keeping those art supplies organized and easy to grab when you need them. The sturdy design of the center section means that you can set it on your lap while you draw, no need for a table. 

Plus, it looks so cute tucked under your arm while you head out in search of a sunny spot to sit and draw the scenery.


Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition said...

I too had a goal of only making things I wanted, instead of just making a craft for the competition and then not knowing what to do with it - - good luck!

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Oh, this one is yours! I love it! :) What a great idea. I just couldn't think of anyone in your family with an "R"... :)

I'm so excited about At the Table!