Views of Home

This month at paper and planes, my friend Rachel Austin ....who is an amazingly talented artist....is hosting a series on the theme of "Views of Home". The idea is that everyone will create a piece of art each week for the month of February around that same theme. There are no boundaries on size of the work, the materials you use, or how you interpret the theme. Though I feel like I cheated a teeny tiny bit in looking right at Rachel's own artwork for inspiration. I'll hopefully be a bit more original and creative in the following weeks! You can see the rest of this week's projects here. And you can always find Rachel's insanely cool work for sale here. I really want to get this one for the downstairs living room/play room/school room. And one of these just for me. Whew....that's a lot of links. But she really is great, so go check her stuff out!
The theme of home forced me to look at my new city through a different lens. Instead of the view that we're going "home" when we visit Oregon. I think it is healthy to begin calling this house that we live in....paid money for.....spend all our time in.....where we are engaging in community.....home.  So I went straight to a map of Salt Lake City for my background. (The only one I could find around the house was a rental car map, so I had to strategically paint over the Alamo landmarks on the map.) Next I added some painted Wasatch mountains though I feel like they still need a little something more. And I finished it off with a little mod-podged paper city skyline. I don't think it's completely done yet, but I'm hesitant to add to it for fear it will get too busy and then I'll hate it. So for now we'll leave it.

And that's my view of home until next week.