Views of Home

Week 2 of the art challenge is up for viewing over at paper and planes.

This week my lack of time and lack of inspiration collided fiercely and even though Jeremy gave me some good starting ideas to help me get my brain going, I still sat staring at a blank piece of paper on Saturday night. So I grabbed a pencil (which unfortunately, like most pencils in our house, had no eraser) and I started doodling the chaos of our previous week. All the little things here and there that added up to fill our days. I was feeling tired, a little worn out, and a little overwhelmed with the disorganization of our house and the whirlwind of days that had just flown by. But it was amazing how enjoyable and relaxing it was just sitting down and sketching out all those things and noticing and remembering all that had happened. Whether they were stressful, funny, messy or annoying. Whether they were memorable or not. Regardless of the significance of each thing they are all a part of us, our week, our family and our view of home.

Oh and by the way..... Happy Valentine's Day! We celebrated this past weekend by buying ourselves some sweet little yard lights at Costco, new running shoes for me, all topped off with Frosties and french fries at Wendy's. A serious treat!


Tibbslove said...

I love it Emily! The details are fabulous... especially the laundry machines... arrows pointing to "on". Good work!

Your family is full of life and love and this project is an awesome way to embrace that on a weekly basis.

love you guys...

wendy said...

I think that would make GREAT wrapping paper. Wonderful composition. And look at the taggy blanket! We were just having fun snuggling with ours...I hooked a tag on Noble's ear and made him laugh at naptime. Oh, and Frosties and Fries ROCK! The kids have been reminiscing about that recently, longing for summer perhaps?