Graduation Day

Unofficially, Jeremy is a Univeristy of Utah MBA graduate. After a whirlwind week of finals (in which I, being a great wife, went out of town for the weekend by myself), a visit from Jeremy's mom,  and a full schedule of graduation festivities, Jeremy is now in Peru for the week finishing up a class project from Spring semester.  We are all pretty excited to *almost* be done with school for a while. (The kids really didn't get how he "graduated" but still has to go to class for another 10 weeks in the summer.)   Two years have gone by incredibly fast and the kids handled dad's difficult schedule pretty well. There were a few long weeks here and there of multiple late night classes and long Saturday study groups, but we made it and are very much looking forward to having him home for dinner again most every night.
And as much as Jeremy really really loves school (totally serious here, he's crazy!) I think he's looking forward to having a little extra free time on his hands as well. 

Our graduation view.

The family.

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Bethany Tibbs said...

I love, LOVE, love that Cole is giving a peace sign in your family pic. What a gem. I also love that Jeremy is almost done with class and you guys can spend more time together!!! Hooray! It's a beautiful thing when someone is SO ambitious, but it's also beautiful when there are periods of rest.
Love you guys and enjoy your rest!