As I dig up the effort to blog again…..more about that later….. I came across some old posts never posted. This one inspired me as it is birthday party time yet again and a piñata has been requested for the joint costume party coming up in a week!

Who knew that making your own pinata was so fun and so simple. When the request for a minotaur pinata came in I was a little uncertain of where I was going to find something that satisfied. So I strolled on over to this blog and took some inspiration from pinata archives and set to work.

As you can see in the action shots, the horns were the first things to go. In the process of making it I had thought about filling the horns with small treats and in retrospect I wish I had. But there's always next time!

A few things I learned in my first pinata making attempt.
  • Cereal boxes are really strong. A little preemptive slicing of the sides would have been beneficial.
  • You should feed your kids breakfast before plugging in the glue gun and getting to work on a project like this. It only took about an hour, but an hour is a long time to wait for breakfast when you're 6.
  • I will never buy another pinata again. This was so fun and so easy.

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