1 gallon = $10K

My husband started running about nine months ago. Until then he'd never been much of a runner, he liked swimming, wrestling, biking a little, but defenitely not running. So it's interesting to me to see him complete a half-marathon, a triathlon and multiple 15+ mile weekend runs, all while preparing himself for the Hood to Coast relay, the Portland Marathon, and looking into the future at a possible Half-Ironman next summer.

What's the purpose of all this? Well he started running as just a good way to get in shape, stay healthy, and bring some discipline and routine into his life. But what motivates him to keep pushing himself further is water. He called me up one Saturday morning when I was out of town and said he needed to find a way to keep himself motivated to run. He wanted to run for a purpose bigger than himself. So he called up a friend at Living Water International and proposed the idea of running to raise money to finance well projects. Running4Water was born. With his first half-marathon $2,826.10 was sent to LWI.

As the Portland Marathon approaches (October 5th) we have been talking about ways to get people excited about using running to raise awareness and finances for organizations that bring clean water to those who have none. To do this Jeremy has pledged to carry 1 gallon of water throughout the duration of the marathon for every $10,000 raised.

So we need your help. Just as much as we need people to give financially we also need people to spread the word about this idea. The more people who know, the more we can raise together. Even if we don't raise $10,000, let's raise awareness so that our brothers and sisters around the world can stop drinking dirty water.

To give, visit this site.
To read about Running 4 Water go here or here.
To learn more about Living Water International go here.

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