Call + Response

Hopefully if your reading this blog you've watched the video clip above. If you haven't, stop right now and watch it. This movie opens in one week across the country. It is opening in very limited venues and the success of it's initial release will determine whether or not it will get released on a broader scale. This is a movie that needs to be seen be everyone, this is a topic that needs to be brought out into the media spotlight, this is a subject that we as human beings need to become passionate about. Go and see this movie. Show your support for this cause. If it is not playing in your city go to this website and let them know that you want it to come to your city. Even if it is in your city just go to the website and pledge your support, give money, join the facebook group, do whatever it is you do to spread the word to others that this is an issue that you cannot stand for.

Now if you don't feel impassioned yet about this issue go back and watch the video again. Look at the faces and imagine your son, your little sister, your cousin, your best friend, and think about what you would do to protect them from such a horrific life. Let's do the same for all of our brothers and sisters in the world and let's do it together. Go see the movie, and then come tell me what you think. We'll be there Thursday at 9:00.

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