A little craftiness this week

My mind is spinning with so many fun and crafty things that I want to make and there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all in. Especially when you're new at this whole being creative thing! It takes me forever to complete the simplest projects, but I'm learning. A few small things I tackled this last week have encouraged me even more and have me just anxious to get upstairs and get to work on a few baby gifts and Christmas presents.

My daughter's hair is long, thin and stringy (just like mine) so we made some Ariel ribbon hair ties inspired by this and a little headband too in order to encourage her to keep that wild hair out of her face without a fight.

A calendar, inspired by a friend's picture frame idea.

And some burp cloths for another friend's soon to be here baby #5!! We can't wait!!

Any fun (fairly simple) crafty ideas for Christmas anyone? I'm excited to try out this and this. Let me know what you're working on these days!!


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Me too! :) I posted a photo today of one of my sewing projects. :)

Emily- you have to tell me where you live!! :) (Unless you really are intentionally wanting to live in a secret hide-out. Then I'll forgive you.) We're moving to SE in a couple weeks, and would love to get together with you guys... if we're not all too busy sewing, that is. :)


Laura Mo said...

The burp cloths turned out great!

meg said...

I love those burp cloths!