I need to whine for a minute...

I've had a splitting headache (borderline migraine) since I got home from Eugene on Monday night. I guess I have a fever (that's what Jeremy says) but I've been freezing all week and I'm cooking the kids alive because I keep turning up the heat. My throat hurts and I can't taste anything, even water feels icky going down. And now I think I have mastitis (again) I flip out if any of the kids even get near the right side of my body and cry when the baby wants to nurse. And yet all three of them were still up this morning at 6:30 demanding breakfast, painfully oblivious to the plight of their poor mother.

Yesterday was the first day that I was aware enough of my surroundings to realize how absolutely disgusting the house is right now. Nothing has been put away from our trip, the clean clothes are rapidly diminishing and I'm not entirely sure what the kids have been eating for lunch all week, I think I've cooked for them but I can't be certain. All that realization knocked me back down and now I feel worse than ever.

To top it off I've lost my cell phone. The baby has discovered what fun it is to play with and carries it around saying "Hi Poppa". It's incredibly cute and I haven't really had the energy to try and keep it away from her and now it is missing among the piles of disaster that I think used to be called my living room.

Oh well, now excuse me while I go curl up on the couch and try to ignore any sense of responsibility for the rest of the day.


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

I'm bringing you dinner! (I'd call you, but um... sounds like that's a dead end.) :)
Get some rest.

Tabitha said...

I wish I could come help you! Feel better and hang in there! I would send you thoughtful texts, but as you said...missing phone.