Busy Hands

Being sick for a week gave me too much time to think. And think I did.....about all of the things that I said I was going to make for Christmas gifts (tons) and all of the things that I have made so far (none). As soon as I was feeling better I was motivated to get crafty. I've been working my tail off on crafty goodness since Saturday and have I made a single Christmas gift yet? (NO!!!)

But I have made two baby gifts and a third is in process... taggy blankets, complete with matching monsters!

A personalized bandanna for a little friend who just turned 2!

And I'm almost done with a little matching skirt and jumper set for the girls to hopefully wear to Thanksgiving. I'd show you a preview but I'd hate to get people's hopes up and then have me ruin them in the finishing stages and disappoint you! So just stay tuned for those!

Oh yeah and I spent all of today making a various assortment of Native American crafts that stemmed out of our current study of Lewis and Clark. Tomahawks, moccasins, dance rattles and buffalo masks were today's excitement.


Michelle said...

Hey! Ezra doesn't have a cute little monster to go with his taggy blanket!!! ; )

Vanillabean said...

nice craftin! I like your monsters :)

Sarah said...

i love the lewis and clark stuff! that's pretty sweet.