Freezer Box Conviction

I have sadly always known that wet strength cardboard can not be recycled.

Has that stopped me from buying frozen pizzas? NO

Has that stopped me from repeatedly throwing those same boxes into my curbside recycling bin? NO

I've been trying desperately to be in denial about this and to just pretend that if I put them in the recycling bin they will magically be recycled.
I decided not to think about the unfortunate recycling facility worker who has to sludge through and sort out all of the crap that the ignorant average Portlander (me) throws into the bin that will actually contaminate all of the actually recyclable products. (Let me tell you the stuff people put in their recycling bins is nasty!)

Anyway, last week the lovely ladies over at Enviromom were featured on nightline and while their comment about the contaminate of wet strength boxes was very brief it somehow jumped out and convicted me! Maybe because we're already doing most of the other things they talked about on the segment, I don't know. We still have a lot of things we could be doing better at for sure. All I know is that I'm done with the freezer boxes. Oh frozen pizzas, on those afternoons when there is nothing to eat and no time to cook we will dearly miss you!

**I fear the facts I will learn if I ever get a chance to take the Master Recyclers class!

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