I embarked upon this little embroidery project at the beginning of December thinking it would be cute and simple for someone who'd never actually embroidered.

And it was very very easy, but it might also have helped had I actually researched "how to embroider" and then stitched it correctly so that it doesn't look like a five year old's handiwork with all the uneven spaces and crooked lines.

Since then I have picked up a few beginning embroidery books at the library (most of them written for children to be honest) and I have a few little projects tucked away in my head for sometime down the road. Still I'm pleased with the outcome of my little hand print experiment. It is such fun to finish a project and then find the perfect place to display it. I wish it didn't blend so much with the wall, but someday when we actually buy a house there will be nary a white wall and it will look much better then...... I hope!

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