Creative Re-use of Magnets

Right before Christmas we were at SCRAP with some friends and we came across this big old box of business card magnets. "Junk", as my husband would describe it, "clearly that is someone else's garbage and yet here you are paying money for it and bringing it home". While that is somewhat true I am excited by what we've done with that $2 box of trash!

1. My friend used the magnets for a kids' project at our church's advent service. They laid out cut out images from old Christmas cards and other decorations for the kids to glue all over their magnets, ta-da beautiful Christmas treasures to give to mom and dad, and functional magnets too!

2. Photo magnets! We took some cute (small) pictures of the kids with their cousins, slapped them on top of the magnets with photo safe glue and then trimmed around the picture into desired shape and size. Virtually the same thing you get at the Picture People for 1/100 of the price.

3. My favorite.... ABC fridge magnets! Cover the magnets with fabrics and then cut out whatever letters/numbers/shapes your kids desire!
Obviously felt is the most perfect fabric choice for this project (what is felt not perfect for??) but I found that all the fabrics I tried worked really well with the exception of the flannel, it just frayed way to much after just a short time on the fridge.


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Gen LOVES your magnets. I think I'm going to need to make her some! :) Yours are so inspiring.

We need to plan a SCRAP trip! :)


Michelle said...

CUTE alphabet magnets!!!!
You are so crafty!
Who is your super clever friend that came up with the AMAZING and BRILLIANT idea of the Christmas magnets??? She must be pretty awesome.
: )