Party Time

I just got home from the most rockin' birthday party I've been to in a long time. A party filled with loads of laughs, swingin' dance moves (with a little lesson involving a penny...), awesome food, so many ice cream combinations I couldn't decide and so I ended up with a sundae covered in so much goodness that I really should have gotten sick. A room full of ladies all desperately in love with the fact that we were out of the house and child free and yet we passed around the sweetest little baby and oohed and aahed over him as though we'd never seen one before. We talked until we were well overdue to be home and we'll all be dragging tomorrow morning when we are gleefully awoken by little ones who are so glad to have mommy back home again. Ah but it was so worth every minute and all in celebration of the most amazing, loving, caring, spicy woman I've ever met. Happy Birthday Michelle and thanks for letting us celebrate with you! And seriously...Prom 2...I'm there. I'll even be on the committee.

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Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Oh, it sounds so fun! :) Hope the next morning went well for you! :)