Puppet Theater in Need of Puppets

We made this puppet theater for the kids for Christmas this year. Super simple and loads of entertainment for them and for those on the viewing side of the stage. We have a few little puppets and we've attempted quite a few methods of making some but I just can't seem to find a very simple way to make fun hand puppets.

Usually the kids just color or cut out some random picture of some character they want and glue it to a craft stick, which actually works really great.

Some of the ones we've attempted to make have turned out....well....downright frightening....

It still needs hair, maybe that would make it less weird looking?

Anyway, I'm seeking inspiration, anybody have great puppet ideas out there?


DK said...

I don't know if this will be an encouragement to you or not but that last puppet looks eerily similar to Nine: http://www.apple.com/trailers/focus_features/9/

Probably shouldn't watch the trailer around with the kiddo's. It really only has violence but it might make them deathly afraid of puppets, especially that one in particular. :P

howie said...

i always think socks when i think puppets. some googly eyes. like lambchop.

or a paper lunch bag, and have them draw their own.