Sewing Book

A few weeks ago when we were down in Corvallis we saw a line of boxes on the side of the road and a sign that said "FREE BOOKS". I am a sucker for anything free, especially other people's discards...... and Jeremy is a sucker for books. So naturally we stopped and came home with a huge stack of books.

This book is my favorite from the pile, it is so Awesome! It's a 1962 Simplicity sewing book that has every basic sewing instruction you could ever ask for! Since I just started sewing with the limited memory I have of watching my grandma sew as a little girl I don't really know a whole lot about what I'm actually doing at the sewing machine.
I think I've read through this book at least a dozen times already and if I could just finish up all the half-done projects cluttering up my room then maybe I could start one out of here.....like maybe this darling little dress!!!

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