In the Backyard

The rooster found a new home. I'm not totally sure it was a happy little farm...but he's no longer my responsibility so I'm OK with that. This sweet little Buff Orpington is his replacement. She was already laying when we got her (we didn't want there to be any rooster possibilities at all!) but she hasn't laid since we got her. And it's been 5 days! We're getting a bit impatient.

Jeremy also put in some new beds in the back yard for me. We found some free wood on Craigslist and ended up using some old siding for the edges of the bed, it looks pretty good so far. Except the chickens really like to roll in the dirt. So we'll have to figure out a way to keep them out once we get some stuff planted in there.

And of all the places in the whole back yard that we could have chosen to dig up we had to pick the place where someone buried their dog. Fortunately it was super old, so it was just a skeleton.


wendy said...

dude. gnarly! ...and, unfortunate!

Sarah said...

that is crazy! and kinda cooly actually. a skeleton!