Garden update

So far we've harvested one batch of the spinach and one batch of lettuce. Both were amazing, but we noticed soem odd little eggs on the underside of some of the spinach and a few creatures which upon further research we believe to be leaf miners. The leaves that are growing in now seem to have far more miners than the first leaves did and I'm afraid we have a serious problem now.
So my first question is.....What do you do to get rid of these little pests?? Because Jeremy think we should just dig up the spinach and throw in the towel and I'm not fully convinced that is the best option.

The spinach plants are also starting to flower....do we need to pluck those off or is it OK to let them continue to grow?

Anybody know what this is? Because we don't have a clue.

On a more positive note we're starting to see little flowers on the beans!! Yeah!!

And our little herbs are growing nicely in the windowsill.

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wendy said...

If you are growing something for its leaves, do not let it go to flower! General rule, I think.