10 Reasons to love the Heat Wave

1. Laundry hanging on the line dries super fast. (Faster than the washer can keep up actually!)

2. Ice cold Kool-Aid almost tastes good.

3. Discovering new parks with nice cool creeks and a forest canopy of shade, like this one.

4. Sun tea.....Mmm!

5. 8pm isn't too late to start fixing dinner.

6. 9pm isn't too late for your kids to be running around the yard, while you spray them with the hose.

7. 98 degree weather suddenly feels cool.

8. The plants don't seem to mind the heat.

9. I feel like I have a good excuse to be unproductive, although holing up in the house has provided me ample opportunity to clean out kids closets and catch up on a little sewing and reading. But the dishes?? Stacked a mile high!

10. Lots of ice cream, popsicles and lemonade. Anytime of day.

Anybody have any other reasons to love the heat wave?? I seem to keep finding more each day. Although I am enjoying this morning's reasonably cool breeze for sure!

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