I've never been a big fan of cherries, until I picked them myself a few weeks ago. For some reason they just taste better when you are picking and eating them right from the tree. (*As a side note, I find it very helpful to take along a very tall husband who is willing to lift you up on his shoulders in order to pick the best cherries from the higher branches*)

My kids, however, love cherries and will eat them until their fingers are permanently stained purple. I was able to find a 20 pound box for $19.50 at Albeke Farms in Oregon City, so I decided that maybe it might be worth putting a few bags of cherries away in the freezer for a later day. Although, I didn't want to embark on a huge canning endeavor since I don't know if the cherries will really be used and appreciated down the road. (Remember...we've never preserved cherries before.)

So we went with a supremely simple method which consisted of:

1. Pit the cherries.
2. Lay out on trays to freeze.
3. Fill jars/freezer bags/whatever you can find with the cherries.
4. Find room in the freezer to store them. (Hardest Part)
5. Done.

I have visions of cherry cheesecakes, black forest cakes and cherry ice creams enticing us through the winter........

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wendy said...

You can store some in my belly-- er, I mean freezer!