Stretchy Headbands

Some simple instructions for a great little stretchy headband that my girls will actually wear. It doesn't tame the unruly locks, but it does keep them out of their face.

* A Fabric Note: I was using what I had in the stash and not wanting to try a new experimental project on a favorite fabric. So we went with the 80's jazzercise theme for this little endeavor. Just wanted you to know that I am fully aware of the dorkiness.*

1. Cut a rectangle from stretchy fabric, roughly 16 x 4. You'll want it to stretch in the long direction.

2. Sew long sides together with a zig-zag stitch.

3. Turn right ways out and press with seam in the middle. (or at least kind of in the middle so that it will be hidden when worn)

4. Tuck ends together so that there are no raw edges sticking out. (Little raw edged white side tucks inside the folded over patterened side)

5. Stitch closed.

Now go try it out on the head of a little girl with unruly hair.....

Then make one for her sister because it is oh so simple......

And if you're feeling really industrious throw together some little matching skirts as well.....

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