I've always wanted to try my hand at making some little bloomers for my girls to wear under their dresses. So the other day, after throwing this little project together, I decided it was the perfect fabric to throw together some bloomers with.

I roughly followed this tutorial. I say roughly because I couldn't actually figure out how to print the pattern pieces to the size that I needed and ended up with a miniature doll-size pattern to work with. So I threw that aside, free handed the general idea and snipped pieces while I sewed so that corners and ends lined up appropriately. I wouldn't recommend the method, but I did end up with legitimate looking bloomers.

Instead of putting elastic in the waist I just tucked it into a matching skirt and sewed it in under the top hem. It fit like I'd actually measured it, I love it when things work like that!

Many more bloomers to come!!

Oh yeah and maybe I'll actually do something to hem the bottom of that skirt.