Book Review : The Sound of Sleigh Bells

The Sound of Sleigh Bells is the story of a young woman named Beth who works alongside of her dear Aunt Lizzy in an Amish dry goods store. Beth is still mourning the loss of her fiance while her community believes it is well past the time for her to be looking forward towards her future. Something in Beth's heart is awakened by a carving she discovers while on a business trip for the store. Aunt Lizzy is ignited by the glimmer of hope she sees in her favorite niece, especially after finding that the carving is made by a handsome young woodworker with a wounded past of his own. Lizzy takes matters into her own hands to ensure her niece's future happiness. But will Lizzy's plan work? Or is there too much pain in Beth's past to be overcome?

Author Cindy Woodsmall opens readers eyes to the intricate emotions of a young Amish woman named Beth. Through the story Woodsmall pulls you into Beth's life and into her dreams for the future, which are being held back by the fears from her past. Through a variety of intertwined relationships and unexpected interactions Beth comes face to face with the fears and pains of the past that she has been holding onto so tightly.

Woodsmall's characters are intriguingly far from ordinary, full of passion and driven by love. As their stories unfold you cannot help but be enveloped into their deeply emotional and individually unique situations. The questions of how each character's life will play out in the story will hold you captive right up to the end.

With just under 200 pages, easy straight forward text, a touch of romance, and a beautiful message of forgiveness and healing this book is the perfect addition to a chilly fall evening and a hot cup of tea. If you are interested in this book visit this site to find out more.

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