A note......embroidered

When I was little my mother always had us help her tuck little notes all throughout my dad's luggage when he was leaving on a trip. He's find notes in clothes pockets, in shoes, in his toiletries bag. Sometimes the number of notes was a bit over the top, but I always remember trying to sneak them into clever places without him seeing as he gathered up his last minute things to get out the door.

The kids and I usually stick a note or two into Jeremy's suitcase, but on his last trip I opted for a new type of note. An embroidered note. It took me more work than I had envisioned, so there ended up being just one...slightly larger......note. I was finishing it as he was packing because procrastination makes things more exciting and I slipped it into his notebook just before he walked out the door.

I basically just cut out two small rectangles of white felt. I embroidered the words in black on one piece and then sandwiched the knots between the two felt pieces. Using white thread on the bobbin I stitched the two pieces of felt together with a vertical straight stitch with red thread on the top going down the left side of the "paper" and then changed the top thread to blue and stitched lines horizontally across the "paper" being sure to keep the words straight across the lines.

Lesson learned in this project......when making something for someone who is leaving on a trip, do not wait until the night before they leave to begin making it. It makes for unnecessary fretting.


Sarah said...

Awwww that's so sweet!!

aleisethefunny said...

So cute! Great idea!