My crafting area hasn't been very organized lately (actually it's been quite disastrous). I haven't had much opportunity to sit down and work on a quick project when it takes at least 5 minutes to clear a semi-decent sized space to work. But I'm trying to sneak a little bit in every few days and maybe I'll actually take an hour to clean up my space this weekend and then it will be so much easier.

Two nights ago I was having really odd dreams about bookmarks. I was looking at all these beautiful bookmarks and they were super expensive but I really really wanted one. Which is interesting because I always just use a scrap of paper or a receipt or something for a bookmark. Anyway,I didn't buy any of the lovely bookmarks, but instead came home (in my dream) and was drawing up all sorts of patterns and designs for bookmarks. Which makes me laugh because I hate using patterns for anything and why on earth would you actually need a pattern for a bookmark.

Alas, when I woke up yesterday I really wanted to make some bookmarks. So after a busy outing with the kiddos I came home, plopped them in front of a good old Davy Crockett movie and proceeded to make bookmarks. This was definitely not the most productive thing I could have been doing all afternoon since the dishes are piled high in the sink right now. But I did gain some new ideas for a Do-It-Yourself fair I'm helping out with in a few weeks and they would also be a cute way to add a personal touch to a a thoughtful book gift for a birthday or Christmas. Like this one.

I think I will make many more, but not today. Today I must do dishes.

My favorite is the pink one on the far right. I so love freezer paper stenciling, it makes the most mundane things so pretty.

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