Trick or Treat Goodie Bags

Every year it seems that we somehow end up with trick or treating bags or buckets either borrowed or gifted to us. And somehow it seems that every year those buckets get lost or broken within a few weeks post Halloween.

So I suddenly realized this morning (as I was creating a new Halloween costume for a little mermaid who suddenly decided she would rather be a cat) that we had no such bags for our outings tonight. We are actually just going to a party at the community center, but I imagine they will still be acquiring lots of little treats and trinkets that will need a bag.

Fortunately, I happened to have an old Halloween t-shirt that didn't quite fit right. So a few snips of the scissors, a couple of seams and ribbons for handles and now everyone has their own little festive bag for collecting treasures tonight. They would be super cute with something stenciled onto them, but maybe for next year.