Book Review : Tea with Hezbollah

Tea with Hezbollah is a fresh new perspective on the conflict in the Middle East. It is not a book about politics or military agenda, it is in fact far from that. This book takes you right into the homes and lives of many middle eastern leaders that have never been heard from before and finds out who they are, not as religious and militant leaders, but who they are as people. As fathers and husbands, as grandfathers and as friends. We learn what makes them laugh, what makes them cry. They share their frustrations and their fears.

I appreciated that the interviews are shared in this book as direct conversation, written down exactly as they were recorded. They are done this way so that there is no mis-interpretation and nothing can be taken out of context. However, the book is not a dry account of interviews. The interview pieces are surrounded with story. Author Ted Dekker recounts his travels through the Middle East with his friend Carl Medearis in a way that is honest, fearful and at times quite funny. He intertwines stories of characters they meet along the way and leaves you with a sense that you almost understand and are a part of his amazing journey and experience.

I would recommend this book to all Americans as a fresh new perspective on the conflicts in the Middle East. It will leave you wondering how to answer the question that Ted asked each of his interviewees, "Jesus said Love your neighbor as yourself and love your enemies. What does that mean to you?"

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**This book was provided to me for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.**

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