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To celebrate Valentine's day we've been busy filling our home with lots of reds, lots of pinks and lots and lots of hearts. Check out these fun tutorials for some inspiration of your own......

Cereal Box Hearts. Some hanging hearts made from recycled cardboard....ya know, cereal boxes and such. We opted to skip the glitter shown in the tutorial and just stick with paint. This way we were able to paint first and sew them together second.

Felt Garland. I couldn't find the tutorial that originally inspired me, but here's a version I found in all red. And here's a little more detailed version that I just wish I'd found before we made ours. So cute.

Burlap Heart Wreath. Bring a little love to your front door with this heart wreath. The tutorial shows you how to ruffle your burlap (I love the red they used!). We opted for a simpler, quicker version and just wrapped our burlap around the wire hanger. Totally different look, but same idea. I love burlap.

Envelope and Note. This idea is splendidly clever, but of course I didn't stick with the directions, because it required a little bit of patience and time. Instead we opted for an insanely simplified felt version and the artsy one has been using it to store the piles of Valentine's she's been working on for the last two weeks.

Felt Embellished Cards
. I think one of these cards would be perfect tucked inside little felt envelopes. Not only does the lovely Sarah make super cute cards, she also takes amazing pictures and shares all the ins and outs of being a fun emerging photographer on her blog.

Can-Can Skirt. This one is in the makings and surely won't be ready by Valentine's day, but it's pink, frilly, and fits the theme. I should just buy the pattern, but instead I'm trying to wing it off of the brief instructions she originally posted on her blog before she took them down and began selling it as a pattern. Hmmm.....we'll see how this one turns out.

If none of these inspire you then there's always Martha who has plenty of love to share when it comes to crafty Valentine's ideas. There's some pretty cool ones we may have to try out this week.

That's all for now, go get creative my friends. We'll be back with more, I didn't even get to the matchbox valentine's we're working on....no pictures yet......hopefully soon.

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