a little more love...

No links today, but a few more ideas from around the house......

We had some candles that were looking a little bedraggled, so we decided to give them a little Valentine's makeover. Using some red crayon we added a few heart designs around the outside for some colorful spark. Then we lit them so that the jagged tops would get a little soft and then cut around the edges to get a nice smooth new top edge Now they feel a little more festive and bright and not so creepy leftover Halloween candle gloomy.

I love felt. And I love small projects that you can sit down and start and finish in about 5 minutes. Enter: felt hairclips. We've made all sorts from leaves, to flowers, random geometric shapes, and in honor of Valentine's day.......Hearts!!

They are so easy and people are charging an average of 5 bucks a piece for such things on etsy. Amazing! So don't be fooled. They are simple. You can make one. And if you can't, just bring your felt to my house and we'll make them together. I'm always looking for a good excuse to sit around and craft with a friend!

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