Herb Rolls

These rolls are one of my new favorites. I love making breads that you get to knead and rise and punch down and roll out.....it's a lovely little process. But not one that happens often around here. First of all it takes way too much forethought, way too much energy, and there is always flour everywhere because everyone loves to help with this sort of thing. These rolls were actually pretty quick and easy and even though there was flour everywhere it wasn't bad.

You can find the recipe....HERE.

One thing I felt was that it could have used even more garlic and herbs. I felt like I was putting so much on, but once they were baked you could hardly taste it, so be liberal with the topping. Next time I may even mix some garlic and oregano into the dough.

We also made some plain and they were perfect spread with some good old Oregon strawberry jam. *sigh*

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